Consultation, Survey    Free
Control test    Free
Mouth guard    120
X RAY     
3 Dimension CT X-ray shot   100
Digital small X-ray shot   15
Diagnosi CT (in scritto)       on request
Dental hygienical service     
Ultrasound scale taking to whole mouth and polishing            70-100
Polishing   30
Oral hygiene counseling, motivation      on request
Children dentistry     
Deciduous tooth extraction   18
Deciduous tooth cutting and fluorization   23
Deciduous tooth filling    23
Deciduous tooth root canal treatment    23
Fissure sealing  per tooth 35
Aesthetic dentistry     
Tooth whitening -clinic  one arch    on request
  two arches 400
Tooth whitening -home    60
Tooth whitening - root canal treated tooth  per tooth 60
Front region smile design (smile design) 200
Dental jewel + posting    100
Dental jewel(brought) + posting    85
Direct preparation of composite shell  per tooth 110
Conservational treatments     
Fissure sealing  per tooth 35
Fluorization per tooth 20
Cervical tooth fillings    50
Light bind esthetic filling  one tooth surface 90
  2 tooth surface 100
  3-4 tooth surface 110
Light bind esthetic filling and root pin  one root pin 120
  2 root pins 130
  3-4 root pins 140
Crown building with  one root pin 120
Crown building with  2 root pins 130
Root canal treatment and filling     
  1 canal 155
  2 canal 185
  3 canal 210
  4 canal 230

Parodontological treatments
Curette under gingiva and polishing

per tooth 30
Closed pocket curette per tooth 45
Opened pocket curette per tooth 110
Periodontal surgery + bone replacement per tooth 300
Periodontal surgery + bone replacement + membrane  per tooth 400
Gingiva plastic surgery (radiosurgery)   55
Crown elongation on front tooth   120
Crown elongation on molar or premolar tooth   150
Adhesive splinting  per tooth    on request
Fixed prosthesis     
Temporary crown making chairside  per tooth 25
Temporary crown making in technical laboratory  per tooth 50
Metal root pin, common metal  per tooth 85
Metal root pin (gold) per tooth gold price + 85
Metal-ceramic dental restorations    
Porcelain fused crown or bridge units    220
Precious metal & ceramic fused crown or bridge units   gold price +220
Inlay (deposit) gold    gold price +220
Metal-free dentures     
Hybrid Composite (BELLE GLASS, GRADIA, CERAMAGE) inlay  220
Hybrid Composite (BELLE GLASS, GRADIA, CERAMAGE) crown 240
Hybrid Composite (BELLE GLASS, GRADIA, CERAMAGE) shell 240
Pressing ceramic dental restorations, EMPRESS, E-MAX inlay 270
Pressing ceramic dental restorations, EMPRESS, E-MAX crown 270
Pressing ceramic dental restorations, EMPRESS, E-MAX shell 270
Zirconium crown or bridgework covered by a facing of porcelain   420
Abutment with ZIRCON pin   230
Dental services managed by computer CEREC    
Non-metallic inlay, onlay, partial veneer   330
Non-metallic crown   330
Non-metallic ceramic root pin   330
Distinct prosthetic     
Full set of false teeth  by dental arch 800
Set of false teeth with metallic sheet by dental arch 800
Precision fastener  in pairs 360
Undercover of set of false teeth, repairing   80
Deflex arc temporary dentures   300
                                                  The full price is counted by a personal calculation!
Surgical interventions    
Extraction, root removal   40
Extraction + maxillary sinus closure   140
Extraction in exposure, sculption   140
Root tip resection by tooth   140
Paradontal surgery and bone grafting by tooth   300
Paradontal surgery, bone graft and membrane by tooth   400
Implantation – SGS   800
Implantation - ALPHA BIO   900
Implantation – STRAUMANN   1100
Anatomic implant head building (Titanium)   200
Anatomic implant head building  (Zirconium)   410
Implant head to screwed crown   160
Temporary implant head building   110
Calibration gnathological    200
Occlusal splint    120